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Painless dental surgery

Are you looking for painless dental surgery? Our clinic is a place where we care not only about the health of your smile, but also about the patient's comfort. Thanks to modern technologies and the experience of our specialists, we offer painless surgical procedures in a friendly atmosphere. We offer:

  1. Painless Teeth Removal: Thanks to the use of modern anesthesia methods, the tooth extraction process becomes completely painless. Our experienced dental surgeons care about your comfort and safety.
  2. Implantology Without Pain: In our clinic we use the latest technologies in the field of implantology. Painless dental implant placement is our specialty. We restore the function of lost teeth, while minimizing the pain.
  3. Surgical Treatment of Gums: Thanks to modern gum surgery techniques, we offer painless treatment of periodontal diseases. Our team of specialists will take care of your gums, restoring the health and aesthetics of your smile.
  4. Computer Anesthesia: Our clinic uses computer anesthesia, tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Thanks to this, we can precisely control the anesthesia process, eliminating discomfort and pain.
  5. Professional Care Before and After Treatment: Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive care before and after the procedure. You will receive clear information about the procedure, and after the procedure we will provide instructions on how to regain full fitness.
Join the group of satisfied patients who have experienced painless dental surgery in our clinic. What matters to us is not only the effectiveness of treatment, but also the patient's comfort. Call today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can take care of the health of your smile!

What does the visit look like?

The tooth extraction service includes: a dental consultation during which it will be performed panoramic x-ray or computed tomographyso that the dental surgeon can clearly see the position of the tooth and plan the procedure accordingly. Before the procedure, the patient will be informed about the procedure itself and its cost.

The tooth extraction procedure itself consists of several stages. It will be applied at first anesthesiato ensure comfort and no pain during the procedure. The tooth will then be extracted and a therapeutic dressing or regenerative material will be applied. The procedure will be completed with stitching.

After the procedure, each patient will receive cooling dressing and post-treatment information with a prescription. If necessary, the dental surgeon will also be able to issue one sick leave. Additionally, a date for a follow-up visit will be scheduled (free) after 7-14 days, during which the stitches will be removed and a photo will be taken.

In our dental clinic we use the most effective anesthesiato ensure a painless procedure. The duration of tooth extraction can range from 20 to 90 minutes, depending on the position of the tooth.

Registration and information:

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Zakopianka Dental Center
street Zakopiańska 62 B (historical building)
30-418 Kraków

Our clinic is located in a historical building in the Zakopianka Shopping Center.

The building is located between Carrefour and Castorama.


Direction – BOREK FAŁĘCKI – last stop.

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We have a large, free public parking lot at our patients' disposal.


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The reception time determined during registration is the approximate time the patient enters the office.


Telephone: 604 111 119


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