Fixed orthodontic braces can be worn at any age, but one condition must be met: having at least six natural teeth in the arch. In addition, all teeth and gums must be healthy. If this is not the case, you must first cure them and remove scale and sediment.

Aesthetics is important to each of us. For this reason, many people choose orthodontic braces. However, every dentist we go to for advice about braces will tell us without hesitation that their task is to set the teeth in the correct position. A correct bite prevents periodontitis, improves the comfort of eating and at the same time prolongs the life of our teeth.

It is worth remembering that in order to have straight teeth, orthodontic braces must be worn for a period specified by the dentist. When we wear dental braces, we must ensure proper hygiene. When wearing braces, we sometimes have to avoid eating sticky foods because they quickly get under the braces and stick to the tooth enamel. This situation is very uncomfortable for us, especially when we are at an important meeting. Malocclusion is treated with orthodontic braces.

Currently, we can see an increase in the use of dental braces in adults. Thanks to this, they improve the appearance of teeth and even increase self-confidence, which is very important in professional and personal life. What causes adults to choose orthodontic braces? There are many arguments in favor of it, but the most important is that adults should now wear such braces. Today's orthodontic braces, which can be fitted by an orthodontist, are very discreet because they consist only of brackets and flexible wires. We can therefore say without hesitation that orthodontic braces are for health and beauty! You don't have to be afraid of putting on orthodontic braces, it is an almost painless procedure, and the development of technology gives orthodontists many different opportunities to make your smile beautiful and straight for health and beauty at any age.